I've been missing the group ringtone feature on Android since day one but I expected to find a satisfying app on the market to fill this hole. Unable to find a convincing one I threw mine together over the weekend. Enjoy. Dedicated to my old friend Szita, who recently joined the world of Android and surely misses this feature too.


The time has come when Wordpress is no longer enough, I hope you enjoy the new site as much as I do! Finally it includes a proper support section as well, please post your questions, feature requests or ideas at the new support pages.


This fun five-or-more game set in a garden full of cute vegetables is available now on Android Market for free, coming soon on!


It took about six weeks to reinstate the application on Android Market, but all well if ends well. However, I’ve learnt a lot about how Google handles these kind of issues, I will sum up the experiences in a later post in hope that it might help fellow developers who fall into the same pit.


Play a quick match of Pazaak against your Android device!

Available on the Android market and, coming soon on Amazon Appstore.


The advanced version of Apt Notes has been released exclusively on supporting multi-color widgets with selectable colors.


Simple notes has been renamed to Apt Notes and been released on SlideME and pending for approval on Amazon Appstore. I still have no ETA on the Android Market since I have no response from the Android Market Support since four days.

This release fixes/adds many stuff you’ve been asking for:

  • adds backup/restore functionality
  • adds preferences to customize features
  • fixes soft-keyboard placement when editing notes
  • fixes the number only note issue



Dear users,

Simple Notes has been banned today from the market due to a trademark complaint from the owner of the trademark “simplenote”. The trademark has been filed on June 17, 2010, 18 days after the first publication of Simple Notes on the Android Market. Regardless of this their complaint is still valid, whether it is fair or not is a different question.

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