Simple Notes under arrest - UPDATED


Dear users,

Simple Notes has been banned today from the market due to a trademark complaint from the owner of the trademark “simplenote”. The trademark has been filed on June 17, 2010, 18 days after the first publication of Simple Notes on the Android Market. Regardless of this their complaint is still valid, whether it is fair or not is a different question.

The trademark owner directly contacted Google so I had no chance to fix the issue in a proper way that ensures a seamless change on the user side, so right now I really do not know how to change the application as well as to keep your data intact. Funny enough, I’ve just finished an update that enabled proper backup/restore functionality, I just can not publish it. I will do my best to solve this issue and keep you updated.


Four days later and still no solution, even better, not a single line of response from the Android Market Support.