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[SOLVED] Unable to login

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Despite having worked many times before, I am now unable to login for duels online. Changing password doesn't work, and register with a new name is just impossible as the button stays shaded. My OpenFeint account is still working but the game doesn't seem to relate to it. I deinstalled/reboot phone/reinstalled the game without change. I asked OpeinFeint support but unfortunately it didn't help and i've been redirected here. Has anyone already has that issue? Is there a solution?
asked 7 years ago in Absolute Pazaak by anonymous
edited 7 years ago by droid.monsta

2 Answers

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When reinstallation does not help, clearing the app data might: go to Settings / Applications / Manage applications / Absolute Pazaak and press the "Clear data" button.

This issue will be addressed in a future update.
answered 7 years ago by droid.monsta (1,820 points)
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OpenFeint is used as an extension, it is not related to authentication. When you launch the game for the first time there is an "I already have a user" dialog option where you can enter your existing credentials, or you can specify it later on the account settings screen (accessible with the menu button or the more button on the main screen). Please let me know if neither of the two methods work for you.
answered 7 years ago by droid.monsta (1,820 points)
None of these methods worked. I tried many times but with all the changes made, I am not even sure which password is correct now. I'd try again if you can confirm my actual pw or provide me a new one, and give feedback.
Can you please send me the e-mail address used for login and your new password chosen using the "Send feedback" form at the bottom of this page? Make sure to pick a dummy password not used by any of your existing online accounts. Looks like I really need to finish the password recovery part, sorry for the inconvenience.

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