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I'm Having Troubles with the DUELS, I can NOT PLAY

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Happand the same thing to me like anonymus user, I can not play, even if I had another 2 celphones with the games and the same wager at the same time trying to reach a game or a match, IT JUST NOT WORKS, I have Try Morning, Afternoon and Night, with no one result. I have Good
Wi - Fi Conecction, and Simple is Not Working, My account it's All Ready Set. Dou you have some Problem With the servers???. Or are you going to realese a new vertion Whom has a Little Screen WITH PLAYERS AVAIVABLE, and some kinf of details to works optimal the app, THAT IS JUST SOOO COOOLL!!!!. but The only problem: " DUELS ONLINE ".
asked 8 years ago in Absolute Pazaak by Coeto José Luis (150 points)

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