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Grouptone not assigning ringtones properly

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I checked contacts2.db using SQLite Editor, the problem is a mixup betwen contact id and raw_contact id. Te ringtone ends up being assigned to a different contact whose raw contact id equals the correct person's contact id (or the other way, I'm sure you'll see it easily for yourself). I'm on ICS. Let me know if I can provide more info.
asked 7 years ago in Other by anonymous

3 Answers

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FYI, I was able to work around the issue. Not sure if all steps are required, but here's what I did:
1. Wipe Contacts Storage data
2. Reboot
After reboot, "contacts" and "raw_contacts" had all "_id" values matching and Grouptone was updating ringtones correctly.

Still, would be great if you could fix Grouptone since I suspect the ids can easily get out of sync again, not sure what triggers that.

BTW, you can easily charge money for this app as there is not much available on the market. Literally I only found 2 other apps, one of them costs $4, and yours is better than any of them.

Take care.

P.S. A feature request, if I may: the app should give the user the ability to prioritize groups. Simple drag-and-drop sorting would suffice (keep the interface clean and minimalistic), or alternatively have a field to assign weight to each group. The purpose is so that if a contact is in more than one group, one of them would take preference.
answered 7 years ago by anonymous
Me again. I tried this again and I'm not able to reproduce a situation where id and name_raw_contact_id match. So, please look into fixing the app. Thanks.

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Thank you very much for the thorough analysis, I'll look into it asap!
answered 7 years ago by droid.monsta (1,820 points)
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An update has been published addressing this issue. Thanks again for your report!
answered 7 years ago by droid.monsta (1,820 points)

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