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Ended up with -75 credits somehow and now it won't let me log in

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I was on a roll tonight. Spent all my earning on a new card. When I started the next duel I forgot to lower the wager (I was down to 25) I ended up at -75 credits, the game crashed and now it says I have an incorrect user name and password and won't let me log in. My login info is accurate. Worried that since it won't let me log in; I have no way to get outta the hole and end this glitch. Any help would be appreciated. I love this game and don't want to lose all the cards I've unlocked. Thank you for your time.
asked 7 years ago in Absolute Pazaak by anonymous

1 Answer

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Please send your e-mail address used to log in using the feedback form so I know which user to check: http://droid.monsta.hu/support/feedback
answered 7 years ago by droid.monsta (1,820 points)

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