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How are you guys not going to update your greatest creation. people play AP every day and night. we love this game.

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please come back to it. openfeint is dead and its about time it gets a major update. I wrote an article for it on swtorstrategies along time ago but I didn't know at the time it was abandoned. this is a reminder that this game is loved.
asked 7 years ago in Absolute Pazaak by anonymous

1 Answer

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Thank you for your feedback. Due to other priorities there is no ETA at this moment, but OpenFeint support is going to be replaced for sure. In the meantime stats and achievements are not lost as they are stored on the AP server.
answered 7 years ago by droid.monsta (1,820 points)
Ok as soon as that update comes out, I'll write an article for it on SWTORStrategies, promise.

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